In A Human Moment

Miscellany from the 19th century

Lady Percy

In the month of May, 1794, died in the King’s Bench prison, this one celebrated female, who was daughter to that famous statesman the Earl of Bute, and first wife to the late Duke of Northumberland.

Ashamed of a title that held her up to public scorn, she had, for a considerable period of time, assumed the name of Mrs. Hall, under which she contracted several debts and for which she was arrested about eleven months before her demise.

During the period of her imprisonment she never left her room, nor spoke a work to anyone except her female servant. For the first five or six months she was melancholy, even to madness.

She retained her beauty to the very last. She bequeathed to her maid-servant three hundred pounds and to a person in the prison all her furniture, &c. &c.

La Belle Assemblée; or, Bell’s Court and Fashionable Magazine (London, England), [Friday], [January 01, 1819]; pg. 25; Issue [119].


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