In A Human Moment

Miscellany from the 19th century

Below the man t…

Below the man there is a deep chasm filled with faces staring up at him. The faces are all still and dead. The flesh, though, has not left their bones. He cannot see the faces but he senses their presence on his skin. He feels them as he feels the night and the city around him. They are the faces of all those who have gone before him in the life of the city. They are the memories of the city spilling out to meet their new compatriots. The faces do not recognise any movement of change. They exist between nothing and nothing and are harmless. Below the mass of faces lies London. I can see St Paul’s and it is flowing into Greenwich and Greenwich is flowing into Richmond and Richmond is flowing into Chelsea and Chelsea is flowing into the farm lands of Sussex. All are combined as one even though we know them to be unique and separate from each other.


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